Trekking in Morocco

One of the most impressive countries to practice trekking is undoubtedly Morocco. This country in the North of Africa has a great variety of landscapes such as deserts, forests, high mountain ranges and endless beaches.


The trekking in Morocco are distributed throughout the country, being the south, in the Toubkal National Park, the best known. It is here in the Great Atlas, and around Marrakech, where we find more routes, some of them that will lead to the doors of the Sahara desert.


In the mountainous north in the Rif Mountains, there are also many exceptional routes for any lover of the mountaineering, with heavily forested areas.


Finally, the southeast of Morocco, bordering Algeria, is a region of large sand dunes and canyons formed by large rivers flowing into the desert, where we find cities like Ouarzazate, city that serves as a meeting point in the area.


Among the best trekking in Morocco, is the ascent to Toubkal, M'Goun massif, or the path to the Dades Gorge.

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