Viel dal Pan

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Viel dal Pan

The Viel dal Pan Trekking, travels a beautiful area of ​​the Dolomites. This route was used during the First World War as a way to pack animals carrying groceries.


The trekking views are breathtaking, seeing the mountain massif of the Sella, Marmolada and Lake Fedaia. Arrive at Viel dal Pan refuge, to take the path 680 which will lead us in this second part of the route into the valley di Merola.


The route is not too demanding, and has a total length of 12.5 km.

Map Viel dal Pan

Nearest Town: Canazei

Nearest Airport:

Latitude: 0.000000

Longitude: 0.000000

Longitude: 12,5km

Maximum Height: 2475m


Difficulty: Medium



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Viel dal PanViel dal PanViel dal PanViel dal Pan

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Viel dal PanViel dal Pan

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