Around Annapurna

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Around Annapurna

This Trekking around Annapurna, an importante massif of the Himalayas, have a peak of over 8000 meters. This trekking is not a circular route completely.


For 15 days, you walk around 261km, with ascending and descending slope of nearly 13000m. The maximum trekking altitude height shall not exceed 5500m, but nevertheless, we must have a good physical preparation. The views are spectacular during the Trekking while at all time you can see the stunning Annapurna.


At the end of each stage, you should stay in the many lodges that are in the villages we find in our way, as Pisang Ore, Ore Manang, Bahudanda, Ghorepani or Nayapul. The largest city in the area, is Pokhara, a place with a special charm.

Map Around Annapurna

Nearest Town: Pokhara

Nearest Airport:Kathmandu International Airpot

Latitude: 0.000000

Longitude: 0.000000

Longitude: 261,52km

Maximum Height: 5445m


Difficulty: Medium - High

Days: 15 days


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Around AnnapurnaAround AnnapurnaAround AnnapurnaAround AnnapurnaAround Annapurna

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Around AnnapurnaAround AnnapurnaAround Annapurna

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