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The Atlas Mountains, covers much of northern Africa by countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and is subdivided into 6 major areas, the Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Anti Atlas, the Saharan Atlas, Tell Atlas and Aurès Atlas. All of them formed by the convergence of two very actives tectonic plates.


The first three areas correspond to Morocco, the Saharan Atlas and the Tell Atlas to Algeria and the Atlas Aurès and part of the Tell Atlas to Tunis.


The Trekking Atlas in Morocco are mainly in the High Atlas, with routes such as the ascent to Toubkal, the most popular.

The best of Atlas

M'goun Massif

M'goun Massif

Length:97,51km Difficulty: Medium Maximum Height: 4089m



Length:30,62km Difficulty: Medium Maximum Height: 4177m

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